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Our vibrant and youthful team is motivated by the delivery of best-in-class service efficiencies and international best practices in the world of design and technology. Our focus on working in alignment with the expectations of a global market echoes our commitment to become the design partner of choice in the Middle East.

We prefer to go beyond ‘serving brands’ and work in contribution to greater outcomes that fall in-line with the individual objectives of each business we engage. We are confident that the value we continue to deliver will prove significant amidst the region’s increasingly competitive design and technology markets and be integral to our continued expansion of services, as well as our branch network.

We help clients to dig deeper and employ research-based insights to enrich the brief at-hand. As a proven mode of working we place investigation at the heart of all that we do, simply because this is the most sustainable approach to continually enhance the quality of our products and their value for each client on a case-by-case basis.

PS. In our humble opinion mediocrity is a path to the dark side (we hope you love Star Wars too!)


We leave fanciful statements to the Platos and Aristotles of our industry; MilkyWay is but concerned with the flexibility granted by the limitlessness of imagination, the boundless creative potential of an open mind…

In a galaxy far far away, such formalities were important. In its galactic revolution Milkyway Technologies is solely committed to the transcendence of creativity and quality design, not the limitations of philosophical blather…

You’ve heard it all before… Pretentious and pompous ideas reiterating concepts of minimalism, function over form, empathy, deconstructivisim, simplicity, and sustainable design.



No. Neither are we. This is what Milkyway believes in:

Our Services
Branding & Graphic Design

Do you need the perfect logo to represent your business, a professional company profile, or a brand new corporate identity? Our team of professional designers can help you establish all creative designs needed for your business like annual reports, brochures, catalogs, flyers, etc.

Social Media Marketing

We offer full-service on marketing your business on social media. We develop a strategy to transform your business to fit the digital world. We also build a customizable content calendar, manage your accounts so that you can focus on your work & advertise your products or services through social media.

Website Design & Development

All our website designs are unique. Milky Way Technology produces professional solutions for corporate companies, businesses, and individuals. The outputs of our web development services are creating lasting impressions, both visually and interactively without compromising on the website’s functionality.

Milky Way Technology in numbers

Celestial synergy, Lo-fi music, hard work and lots of coffee.

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Our Portfolio
Our Portfolio


Creative work, cost-effective and last-minute changes you name it! We can deliver what you can’t imagine. We worked for big, medium & small businesses and we are capable of turning your thoughts into reality. Below is a small sample of what we can do.

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Meet our team
Meet our team


Creative Mind

 “creativity is intelligence having fun” - Albert Einstein

Digital Guru


“Activate your fans; don’t collect them like Pokemon”

Chocolate Eater


“أنا اتكلم العربية”

Multimedia Ninja


“One click one kill”


I get paid with Ice cream

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